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Truly Fall

The day is blustery and seasonably crisp. There is a frost warning for Plymouth County tonight. Yesterday brought warmth and a steady offshore breeze for a perfect fall beach walk at Humarock beach.


Normally uneven and rock strewn,  the ocean at low tide provided a smooth, wide swath of lightly packed sand like a freshly paved road.

The wind whipped and curled the modest waves which beguiled a couple of surfers. 



A bicyclist rode by. We exchanged hellos and nods to other couples. And a few dogs.


Afterwards, we gleaned late season tomatoes from our friends’ garden since they’re traveling in Southeast Asia. It is truly fall.

Seeds are in

Seeds are in

January 8, 2011 - Seeds are in

It was 19 degrees F when I drove past the sign at Kennedy’s Country Gardens (Scituate, MA): “Seeds are in”. And this week, catalogs from White Flower Farm, Gardens Alive! and Burpee arrived.

Like plants, gardeners come in many varieties, but they seem to share some common traits: imagination, faith, patience, optimism, diligence, hope…

What other gardener traits can you think of? Share your perspective.