My Cat, She Has No Weekend Plans

My cat, she has no weekend plans
Each day begins as new
It starts whenever she awakes
It ends when she is through
She rises when she hears my sounds
She has but one suggestion
Feed me now, she cries aloud
Supply me my ingestion
Incessantly she pleads her case
As if it needed pleading
The same refrain throughout the day
"I think it's time for feeding"
She's never grateful or annoyed
A flare up quickly settles
She holds no grudge or looks that judge
She bothers not to meddle
The opportunity to be
A cat within the rat race
Would make her yawn, she'd just as soon
Scratch the nearest scratch place
My cat, she has no Facebook page
She hangs with who's around her
She naps or not or wakes or walks
Wherever she has found her
I make my plans for future days
She only makes a meow
Insisting in this moment
That I feed her and be here now

7 Responses to “My Cat, She Has No Weekend Plans”

  • edith larson:

    What a good life! You’re all lucky. I love the cat poem; Charlotte fits that description perfectly.

  • So true, so true! I love the Daphne hiding pic. Our cats would add to the list of cat to dos: follow the sun patches around the house; when no sun, seek radiator cat cradle. Or lap.

  • meg:

    Love this! especially She hangs with who’s around her stanza.
    Ivy is in solidarity with Daphne. And so is Etta for that matter, our animals teach us the just being and just loving…

  • Kristin:

    Love love love this!! And there’s a lesson in this for us all. Daphne – ever the inspiration!

  • Calico cats, a female breed
    Indeed know how to live.
    With masters and missus tuned to them
    All sorts things to give.

    “The fire’s low” a certain growl
    We all know that one well.
    “My water’s stale” a squeeky meow
    “Better change it or I’ll yell!

    Our Pearly cat,she is the Queen
    Of the land of Pearlington.
    We are but serfs to royalty
    Oh Pearl our furry one!

  • Cat lovers — Unite! Or Not!

  • Hi Michael. Best wishes on your retirement. Enjoy living the life of your cat… or not!